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How about help the new raiders a little?

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Every once in a while I see a new player asking how easy it is for them to get into raiding and the thread is flooded with mostly useless information but no one is giving them any concrete info/tool to make their beginning easier. Because most of you are such helpers lets put the cards on the table and show the newcomers how helpful is the raiding community of GW2.

In this thread I would like to invite everyone that is doing Training raids, have training guild and/or is willing to help the new players. Post your Guild/Discord channel or just post here that they can contact you in the game and get started with training with your help. Feel free to post the reqs for joining the guilds or channel - this is very important because we don't want them to contact you and find themselves unable to join you because of reasons.

I will start with some training channels in Discrod:

Discord channel 1 (NA)Discord channel 2 (NA)Discord channel 3 (EU)Discord channel 4 (EU)

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My czech/slovakia guild run raids 2-4 times a week. Sometimes we do trainings but most of the time its not training but just clear. If there are new players we take them to raids and we explain everything if someone is new. We will gladly help with builds and answer any questions. If someone can speak the language, is willing to gear a character and practise sometimes we will gladly take him to raids

(Our guild is not a raid guild, you dont have to raid to join us)

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