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Guardian Honor Line Trait bugs

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Where are you doing your testing? Works fine in PvE.

  1. Imgur

  2. For Protector's Impact and if you are using it with the mantra it triggers when the mantra is activated not when it is prepared. There is also a 20s CD. The 8s listed on the tooltip is an error left over from the previous version. I just tested every guardian heal in PvE and they all trigger Lesser Symbol of Protection correctly. Where are you testing?

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Both still work completely fine even after removing all trait lines except Honor and only selecting Invigorated Bulwark/Protector's Impact.

Monk's Focus is granting Fury to self and ally along with reducing recharge on Mediation skills. Didn't check the healing. This was also with only Valor as the single trait line selected and Monk's Focus being the only trait selected.

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