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'Unique' Looking Gear? Returning Player from 2012

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I see tons of players with unique / eye-catching gear that are different from anything I can find in the World.I don't want to assume everyone is just buying gear from the Gem Store, but I don't really know where most players are finding/acquiring these 'cool' (for lack of a better word) gear pieces.It's a bit discouraging since there is a lot of complexity and depth to the GW2 system and I honestly hate that my character looks like a raccoon that just came back from scavenging my local dumpster.

EDIT: I bought HoT and PoF recently and just finished the HoT storyline. Just started the PoF story and got my Raptor (yay!) - So I do have access to these maps if need be?

Thank You!

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Hey, my best advice would be to head over to the nearest bank & open up the wardrobe tab (left side, looks like a closet). This will let you look at a huuuuuuge variety of armor/weapons on your character model.

Once you find some stuff you like, you can use /wiki to look up where to get it! As for somewhat quick items (that I quite like), seek out the cultural armor merchants in your race’s home city (like The Grove for Sylvari) & they’ll offer a few really nice pieces. I’d also check out crafting profession back pieces... some of them are very nice & they’re relatively easy to make.

Also, now that you have PoF/HoT, you’ll gain access to elite spec specific weapons/armor through collections (character panel, achievements tab, collections, specialization collections).

You can also check out GW2Style.com, which shows a lot of really nice outfits & allows you to click on the armor to look up names of pieces & for links to the wiki page to learn how to get them.

How this helps!

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There are many different types of gear that you can acquire through play, for example:





Just to name a few. The wiki and the wardrobe are your best friends to check out what you want and how to get it!

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If you want to avoid gem store skins I recommend starting with the Wiki's armour and weapon galleries rather than the wardrobe - which is good for previewing them on your character but shows everything mixed together with no indication where it comes from. If you're looking for a specific piece don't forget to check outfits too (in 2012 these were called town clothes, they lost the mix-and-match option to become account-wide). Or ask on the forum and we can probably figure out what it is.

Another thing to bear in mind is that some of the skins obtained in-game are not easy to get. For example the luminescent set requires you to complete all the achievements in 4 different Living Story episodes, and play the Silverwastes meta-event many times, and that's not necessarily the hardest - just one example where I remember the requirements. Of course there's no reason not to go for it if you want it, just be aware that depending on what you decide you might be setting yourself up for a long-term goal.

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