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Verbal Abuse Help

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So, Usually I dont report players even if they act toxic, Cause I mean, it is a game of course, they'll get over it but something.. Exclusive.. happened to me today.

Before I get to the question let me give a rundown of the full story before I get bashed in the comments

When I first started Guild Wars 2 I was in a Guild. (I'm not going to be revealing any names whatsoever throughout this, to protect anymore harassment from going on, and I dont really like people shaming) I will call this Guild. "G1", And after I joined that Guild, I joined my best friend's guild, Which I will call "G2"

They were both super small guilds at the time and the popularity was slowly rising and we did missions until the point where we were able to get Our Guild Halls. Now, as Newbie guilds with little to no Members we struggled, so I got my friend to talk to the Leader of G1 and both guilds helped one another out at getting the Guild Hall! Yay!

The two guilds formed an alliance ship and technically went to one another to get help during Guild Missions, Recruiting, Etc.

Now here comes the Drama, as both Guilds Grow, Both Guilds swell with brand new Members and tension, more like a rivalry grew between the two. One day, One member who's name I'll give, Paul, Joined G2 from G1 cause they liked the Leader more and were closer friends with the members in G2, Paul begins repping in the G2 and before you know it, The Leader of G2 gets a nice little mail from the Leader of G1.

To summarize it; G1 threatened G2's Leader and accused G2 of stealing Members from G1, G2 Leader says that she iisnt but G1 Goes ballistic on her, And on his very own Guild mates, Kicking everyone who dared talk back to him, a Dictatorship to say the least.

After the big mess G2 took in the victims that was harassed by G1's leader and the two guilds completely broke ties with each other, Never seeing each other again.

Except for today

I was hanging out with G2 Earlier today in the Desert Highlands near the gate, Talking over Discord, Having some hilarious laughs.

And then this happens.

G1's Leader approaches, Repping the Guild and starts calling G2 'Rats' calling us f@gs and just harassing the people I was hanging out with

We leave. Of course. And he follows us, We WP, he follows us, harassing us some more, G2 members I was hanging out with blocked him but I kept him unblocked to get screenshots and to try to defend myself and my guild, as he was even calling the Guild out in Map Chat, Talking crap.

Ofcourse I report him cause hes going too far, But heres the question so let's get to the point. I hear Anet goes through chat logs and reads what's going on, Would I get punished if I were defending myself from the harasser?

Edit: Accidentally said the Guild Name, Changed it.

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@"PandemicX.7365" said:Would I get punished if I were defending myself from the harasser?It depends on what you consider "defend".

If you went on a counter attack that would be an escalation and you made a bad situation worse.

If you tried to reason with the other person or deny accusations and you kept your language mostly clean, you're ok.

In the future, ignoring or not paying attention to the person is one way of doing things. If it's someone you want to continue a relationship with, let them blow off steam by being quiet and let them get "it" out as they rant and rave is what's needed. Otherwise, if you don't want to talk to the guy ever again: report them and block them.

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