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Fractal personal level meaning

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Personal Fractal Level Rewards

  • Your personal fractal level will increase by 1 each time a fractal difficulty scale is completed at or above your current fractal level.
  • Completing a fractal awards you up to 3400 karma. Less karma is received if completing a fractal scale closer to your own personal level (the amount can be increased by bonuses from achievements, banners, etc.).

Personal fractal level limits you to which fractals you can open and which fractals you can search for in the LFG. It does not prevent you from joining higher fractals (if you can get someone to invite you into their group).

As long as you join a fractal level higher than your current one, your personal level will increase by 1. Your personal level will not jump to the level of fractal you completed. If you personal level was 1 and you completed a fractal level 20, your personal level will then be 2.

Fractal rewards are split into 3 categories:

  • end fractals reward chest - you will always get this
  • daily fractals - completing these grants a daily chest as the name suggests. Higher daily fractals reward all lower tier chest, thus completing a T4 daily fractal rewards all 4 chest for this fractal (T1-4). There is 3 daily fractals each day.
  • recommended fractals - 1 specific fractal per T1-3 which rewards a recommended fractal reward chest. T2 and T3 recommended fractals require Rank 1 in the Core Tyria Fractal Mastery (Follows Advice) to unlock.
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Your personal fractal level represents the number of times you have done a fractal that is at least +1 greater than your (then) level. For example, you would raise from 5 to 10 after doing 6-10 in order, but not if you did L1-4 and then L100 (in that case, you'd only be at L6, after that final one).

With fractal level 20, you can initiate Levels 1-20 on your own; with someone of a higher level, you can start up whatever they can. With L26, you can use the tier 2 lfg.

There are four types of completion rewards from fractals

  • Two types are the dailies, so obviously those are once each per day. Independent of your personal level.
  • One is a so-called boss chest, the one that appears at the end (similar to what we see for World Bosses). And, like WBs, they are once per day. They are also independent of your level.
  • The fractal rewards themselves; those are repeatable as often as you like. This is also the only one that depends on your personal level.

The wiki has a formula that tells you what you get at each level, which roughly works out to: whenever possible, do a higher number; it's worth some extra effort.

People do grind out relics by repeating easier|faster fractals. Which is fastest depends a lot on the group composition and how skilled they are at the mechanics. (For example, a few years ago, L40 was spammed regularly, but... could end being slower for groups that didn't optimize correctly. Which of course led to unpleasantness.)

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@Wade.2597 said:Is the same fractal number repeatable for full rewards more than once per day, or do the work like World Bosses and Dungeons where it is once per reset period.

You can repeat any fractal level infinatly, but if that one happen to be a daily you get that reward only once.( so big chest at end of fractal as many time as you want, the bouncy chest only once a day for each of the 3 fractals and 3 recommended)

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