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Goemm's Lab moved cliff

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I did that jump last night o0 ... maybe with swiftness, I can't remember.. It's awkward but not impossible.

Don't jump from the highest point of the branch. and the branches seem further apart than they are.

If you'd like, I could run through with my mesmer and port you to the end. I might actually park my mesmer there again.

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@"gotyaoi.5246" said:I've completed it, that's not the problem. I just think that second branch could be put back, to go back to how it was originally.

You posted in the bug folder, which implies that you think that it's a problem, not just a nice-to-have.I'm not against ANet making adjustments to "basic" JPs to make them less dependent on precision-aiming. Neither do I see the value in ANet prioritizing that when there are so many other nice-to-haves and QoL changes we clamor for.

Or maybe I just haven't understood what you're asking for.

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