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Sudden DC in the middle of Dragonfall meta, can't log into any of my characters anymore

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EDIT: Not sure what it was, but it seems to be fixed for me now. Could just be client weirdness on my end.

As the title says, I was in the middle of helping the map kill Kralk in Dragonfall when I dc'd. I can connect and login via the launcher, and the character select screen loads properly.

However, the character I was using in Dragonfall at the time of the dc is showing as being in Caledon Forest (the map I was in before loading into Dragonfall for the meta), and I can't log into that character or any others. I get a loading screen, then an error code 1083:5:7:1596:101 - check your internet connection and try again. Internet is working fine for everything else I'm doing.

Anyone else having this issue right now? If it's just me, I'll throw in a ticket. If it's widespread, I guess I'll wait for a fix.

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