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Anet please remember to nerf the bunkers when you nerf damage

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So a lot of people are complaining about the burst DPS in the meta currently. It's understandable as few people like getting oneshot. Most complaints can be consolidated into the following list:

  1. Soulbeast Unstoppable Union+Sicem hitting for 25k+ unblockable ranged burst
  2. Holosmith pumping out constant AoE damage and CC
  3. Rev teleporting to you, gaining +1000 power from instant might, and doing 25k+ with sword 4+5
  4. Mantra burst mes OHK from stealth, sometimes twice in a row with Chrono F5.

But one thing a lot of people are forgetting is that Firebrand and Scrapper are arguably stronger than the above builds. Firebrand support is so good that organized teams in ATs basically NEED one regardless of whether you are taking Holos/Revs/Mesmers or whatever they pretty much HAVE to have an FB because it's so effective at its job that not having one is almost an instant lose if the other team does. Scrapper could become ridiculously broken if it is not nerfed when Rev/Mes/Etc damage gets nerfed because right now roamers with good burst damage are the only thing preventing Scrappers from indefinitely stalling a point with no hope of ever taking it back from him.

If we nerf burst without also taking a look at some of the best support/tanks in the game, we will be in a full bunker meta 2.0 and for those who don't remember bunker meta I'll just say it was 100x more boring and unfun than the meta we have currently.

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