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change to lesser haste


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This can be made in to a competitive trait with a few number tweaks: change the cooldown to 35 seconds and to compensate decrease the quickness duration to 3 seconds and remove the stun break (which does nothing anyways, less useless clutter on the tooltip).I think with these changes staff and rifle builds might see a resurgence since those weapons greatly benefit from faster cast times.

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I mean the vast majority of lesser traits have a cd equal or shorter than their full skill counterpart: hidden flask, clarion bond, descent in to madness, soften the fall, and so on. They are lesser because their effects are shorter/less potent with the only major outlier being defy pain.So the lesser in my suggestion would refer to the lesser duration of quickness and the removal of the stun break (lesser haste already in effect is not a stun break) as well as a slightly longer cd. This translates in to slightly lower quickness uptime of 6 sec every 60 sec vs 6 sec every 70 sec unless traited with trickster, however this means you get to proc the trait more often leading to more burst windows while making boon hate against this trait feel less devastating.

Besides those point another thing to consider is that most other classes have their quickness granting trait on a 15-20 sec cd, but most of those are at a gm slot. So a 35 sec cd adept quickness trait seams fair, not to mention this would open up some considerations when it comes to build crafting: do you go for the standard trickery steal package of ToTC & BT or do you go for burst of agility and trickster for quickness, shorter cd's and some decent condi clears. Bear in mind than there are good trick type skills that are seeing play already so it would not be to big a stretch to think some builds might give up BT to gain more condi cleanses as well as reduce the duration of 4 skills (withdraw, roll for initiative, dagger storm, burst of agility).

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