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Possible stall in nightmare fractal?

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This is the first time I've ever seen this happen. Today I was doing a lot of Tier 1 Nightmare with people that are new in fractals. I was rushing with slb gazelle charge and greatsword 3, and an elementalist was rushing with his own skills, we ended up at the top of this wooden bridge roughly at the same time, turning off the AoE circles on it.

But Arkk failed to show up at the arena. He is supposed to have a piece of dialogue and then kill a hallucination, which spawns Siax. But there was nothing! Eventually someone found Arkk at the bottom of the bridge, still on one of those hologram platforms. No dialogue and no reaction to any of us, even if all of us did /gg command. We were forced to reset entire fractal and do the MAMA boss again.

Has anyone ever encountered this?W6FWEDM.jpg

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