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Paintings during Dragon Bash,


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So among the new? assets, we have several paintings hanging around depicting some horned person killing a blue tinted dragon. While the horns variate on the two different ones I've found - horns of the helmet of the person attacking? the dragon.. it's odd that it keeps depicting that same image.

Is that Canthan text on the pictures? Also, who are the targets of the decorations? I would have assumed the one with the squigglies coming out of its mouth is Zhaitan but it doesn't look exactly like him in terms of the wings and everything.

Anyway, just a couple things I noticed that struck my attention with the new assets.

I found it somewhat interesting but not really all that significant that we fight the dragon champ reps in reverse order in the arena. In game, we kill Zhaitan-then Mord - then Kralk, with the other three left.

In the arena, we fight jormag - primordus - kralk - mord - Zhaitan. But of course that may just be a random order they chose, and simply doing primordus and jormag because they're keeping the deep sea dragon and its minions a mystery forever and we haven't encountered any of them that we know of.

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The writing is New Krytan: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/File:Stylized_New_Krytan.png

The poster with the bluish dragon says: "Slay the dragon" and the other says "Bash the dragon"

No idea if the blue one represents a specific dragon and person, but I can definitely see it being used in future dragon campaigns as a recruitment poster. Bubbles or Jormag maybe, since it's water-like and looks like it has a wave (or could be ice) next to it, but looks more wavelike to me.

Red one's probably just for the event.

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