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  1. I'm guessing we'll get reveals of the next two elite specs this week and next before the first beta event. Otherwise, I would expect we'll get gradual teasers around every week or two until EoD is released. - Only a minority of players do PvP, so a first look would almost certainly not include it. - Alliances were announced as the big WvW feature coming at around the same time as EoD- A new WvW map doesn't feel that necessary imo as it would just spread players more and would likely get minimal use, especially if it is centered on a water theme (see Desert Borderlands).
  2. Just checked and her pose is very similar to Glint's in Scion and Champion. That seems to lean more towards Aurene dying at EoD as a parallel to Glint's death (possibly against the DsD or its magic in the same manner as Glint was killed by Kralkatorrik?), as a start of the new cycle, whatever that will be.
  3. They did say there are going to be sad moments while showing an in-game screen of Aurene laying on the ground and not looking that great... (@25:50 in the livestream) - Could just be a red herring though. I would not be surprised if Aurene sacrifices herself at the end to keep The All stable or otherwise dies using EoD.
  4. After that announcement, I doubt we'll get any further races (a combat tonic at most). If they wanted to add them in EoD they would have almost definitely have led in with that in their first look.
  5. Vizu was the one who crippled Shiro, and whose advice we sought in GW1 to beat him again. We only see her ghost in game in GW1 and since her and Nika are both assassins, they likely look familiar. Mai and Mai Trin are entirely separate characters - Mai was a henchman in GW1 and one of the first characters to train with and join the GW1 Factions hero. They may write the latter as an ancestor, but I kind of doubt it, given the former's minor role in GW1 (There is a chance though, given that they wrote in another prominent GW1 hero into PoF).
  6. Hyped for the maps, story, and elite specs and curious what they are going for with fishing and the turtle mount. I don't really get the hype about boats - how are those any different than skimmers (if not weaker of a feature since they cannot go underwater)? Overall, I would have strongly preferred a more solid main selling feature on the scale of gliding or mounts, but am still excited.
  7. True, I'm not really expecting any large scale xenophobia for the reasons mentioned, but I think there may be a few more xenophobic antagonist characters here and there that we will encounter (likely either remnants of the Ministry of Purity or their descendants). My guess is they'll write it as "the successor governments were more progressive, open to outsiders, and replaced the old xenophobic Ministry of Purity, but some dissidents still hold out" or something to that effect.
  8. There were also a few Norn and Asura in Embark Beach in the Battle Isles in GW1 (https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Embark_Beach), which also had a Canthan presence, so there was presumably also further contact with them between GW1 and GW2. Sylvari are most likely the only "new" race to Canthans as they've only recently emerged after Cantha went isolationist and Zhaitan rose. I expect/hope Sylvari players to get special dialogue during EoD for this reason (mostly curiosity would be my guess). Interaction-wise, I expect the following: Humans - Mostly sympathetic, possibly some cu
  9. Really against the idea - open world PVE is already pretty easy to solo or find one to a few other players to help you get through. GW1 had individual solo instances by default, so heroes/henchmen made sense there since there was nobody else to help out and playing solo required significantly more skill and was much, much more challenging than playing solo in GW2. Also, I could see this kind of feature being easily exploited for afk farming/botting, especially if there are multiple heroes/henchmen around for no cost indefinitely if they were implemented the same way as in GW1.
  10. I don't recall any npcs in Draconis Mons mentioning the destroyers or Primordus, or even helping to fight them in the events. These just felt like easily missed and forgettable events that I'm guessing a large portion of players never did. I would have ideally preferred if they pushed back the whole timeline a few months to a year and developed the initial two planned world maps, if not adding another episode primarily focused on fighting only Primordus in a depths type map. At that rate we would likely just now be finishing the Saga and getting into the Return to LW/
  11. I don't see how Primordus has "three major story maps" There were barely any destroyers in Draconis Mons and nobody outside the story even mentions him on the map iirc. DRMs were obvious last second filler content made only to fill time until EoD is released with minimal effort/resources being put into them (i.e. 2012 destroyer models and health sponge enemies), and are consequently mostly disliked by the community. The only world map with a somewhat Primordus focus I can see is Ember Bay, and even then the destroyers were only confined to some parts of the
  12. True the architecture probably wouldn't have changed much (probably something similar to Rata Novus, which also would be great for asset reuse for a fractal or vision of the past), but their society and world outlook would almost certainly have been far different. They were one of, if not the most, powerful races back then without any kind of legitimate threat prior to Primordus, hence why they underestimated it and its effects. It would be interesting and cool imo to see that kind of Asuran society, even more arrogant and isolated than the GW1 Asura were, compared to the tamer ones of GW1 and
  13. No, because there are no intelligent panda races in the lore, especially in the four areas we're almost certainly going to in EoD (Shing-Jea, Kaineng, Jade Sea, and Echovald). As others have said, I would like a ranger panda pet like in GW1.
  14. If there is a new race, I think it would need to be heavily restricted in earlier stories (no VA, skipped entirely, etc.), to the point I am doubtful we would get one as it would act as a cosmetic. If we did happen to get one somehow, I feel like Tengu would be the most likely due to the massive player demand and marketability.
  15. I really doubt a large amount of players will be able to do this in a week, especially considering the platform issues that need to be fixed, after which it will most likely be dead content. It would be really nice if the public version were made permanent, or even a regular open world boss.
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