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  1. Why not? An MMO that is 60% developed is much, much less likely to have its plug pulled than one at 1-5%.
  2. So... basically unreasonable anxiety. If there's a GW3 being actively developed (and that's already a huge if for alternative explanations others have already given), it would be far from "just a possibility" because the development would already be in place and the decision to start it would have already been made months/years ago (i.e., no point being anxious about it because it's a done deal). Anet (or any company with any business sense) would/will never give an answer to the question of whether a sequel product is coming out until it's substantially in development to the point that it has little to no chance of being a flop, as it would just cause them to lose profits/players from their current game/product (i.e., GW2) with no reward. One exec (supposedly) giving a greenlight to a GW3 does not count as substantial development, as it would still have a very high chance of having the plug pulled.
  3. What does this even mean...? OP has got to be using generative AI or a very poor translation software for their posts... Welp, at least it's not as bad as "While animals are making love, their owners must decide which abilities they will use." from the thread titled "Griffon is not a glider?"
  4. I like this idea. Some other possible fun skimmer skills could be something like creating a bubble shield/barrier in front of you (kind of like those Forged mages do on land) or creating waves to knock enemies back. I definitely feel like those would come with an underwater revamp update though, which does seem likely to happen since they seem to be going after "commonly asked player QOL features" as main (mini)-expac features nowadays and an underwater revamp has been requested just about as much (if not more) so than player housing.
  5. And then he got nerfed to a talking snowman... I wonder if he'll ever get a follow up tbh.
  6. I really hope they give better reasons for not just "sending up a flare and calling in the Pact" than we got in SotO ("Oh noes, the shady secret wizards' club who are doing dangerous live experiments/torture on people for unknown benefits will get revealed! Nope, can't let that happen. Let's just trust this unknown demon lady's voice in my head instead cuz I'm the Wayfinder now 🤪").
  7. 1) what does this have anything to do with LW monetization? 2) How exactly do you know the details of homesteads before they've even been announced?
  8. That's because free LW was way too generous (and only if you logged in at the right time) and economically unsustainable, and Anet realized this and started charging for their content updates.
  9. That or The Long Way Around 😉 Disagree with OP though. While I support more options in the WV (possibly with a AA cap), as others have said, I don't think removing specific content from the WV will help anyone. The "Rift Hunts are braindead content" argument makes no sense and can be applied to literally any other type of content in the game. You can just as easily say "jumping puzzles are braindead content" just because some players just mesmer portal straight through them, while others, like myself, enjoy actually doing them and would hate for them to be removed from WV.
  10. The exchange is less content in exchange for more frequent content (expacs every year instead of every 3-4 years), so we don't have long content droughts, as a large portion of the playerbase requested during HoT and PoF. While SotO was lower quality, as Anet acknowledged, I am cautiously optimistic that they learned from their errors and the second mini expac will be higher quality (i.e., similar to LW/expac quality, but more frequent, as intended.)
  11. What exactly are they deliberately obfuscating? They just made a blog post about what they learned from SotO (i.e., they tried to pack too much into the expac and it ended up falling below expectations), which is pretty consistent with the general playerbase's reaction to it. I highly doubt they're deliberately hiding GW3 while actively making engine updates and planning for at least two more expacs up through 2026 (2+years of active dev work) to GW2. There would be no point in doing any of that if they expected a large chunk, if not the majority, of their current playerbase to switch to GW3 in the next two or three years.
  12. tbh while GW1's Cantha maps were distinct from each other, the individual maps got very boring/dull very quickly with the same textures (grass, slums, jade) copy-pasted repeatedly to the point where I just remember maps by those descriptors and nothing else. The incredibly frustrating navigability compared to GW2's version (largely due to lack of vertical motion) did not help. I personally prefer GW2's Cantha map design over GW1's. I just wish we'd gotten more GW2 Cantha maps rather than abruptly jumping to SotO.
  13. Finally finished map completion on this map since first going there after it was launched. Finding a map/time when the meta has opened up the second and third parts of the map is extremely painful, especially during off-hours. I'm also heavily in favor of not locking map exploration behind meta events that will die out months after release. Calling it now that there will be a "Inner Nayos - Worst Map Ever! " thread in a few weeks/months with the exact same criticisms when the meta-locked third part becomes inaccessible for exploration due to lack of players doing the second meta.
  14. You can buy those with gold-> gem conversion. Also resource collection is basically free without buying gem store boosts. Just buy 5 stacks of gathering tools with in-game coins obtained in < 30 minutes of play. It's extremely easy to level in GW2. You can easily speed level from 79 -> 80 in < 15-20 minutes. Also, tomes of leveling can be very easily bought using in-game coins or even more so through WvW. I have never felt the need to use level boosts in my 12 years of playing because it's so easy (and more fun) to do so by actually playing the game. Also can be easily bought using in-game coins. Also, since they're so easily obtainable in-game, even getting them without knowing how to play the game (skills, rotations, strategy) is near useless to actually winning. Not white-knighting as I've had plenty of criticism for GW2, but being pay-to-win is far from one them.
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