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  1. Likely a long shot, but maybe we'll get some kind of small/vague description or hint of LWS6 and/or Expac 4?
  2. If you really want to go spoiler free, don't look at the Wiki/Forums/Social Media about the game. Don't look ahead at mini names, achievements, or future story chapter titles that will likely be spoilery. Turn off all chats. If you do any of that, it's on you if you get spoiled because of your own curiosity (I've definitely fallen for that temptation at times tbh).
  3. If I told you, they wouldn't be a secret anymore 😉 I did hear there's a nice secret place next to the Town of Nolan in Diessa if you're interested though...
  4. Another big issue that would come up with this is how would you address situations where earlier choices that are skipped on alts would impact dialogue later in the story? (Example: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Infinity_Ball) Having to go through and redo all of the dialogue in all current instances to add in a default option for those who skipped parts of the story on alts seems like a ton of dev work, that I don't feel like would be worth it. I feel like doing this would just force the story/devs to rarely or never reference prior player choices/events and go down the path of just doing
  5. There's tons of unique dialogue/visuals if you play through content with a different class or race. You can't do most of the Personal Story on a single playthrough because it depends on which race/initial character bio/Order you choose.
  6. What would be the point of leveling or playing through the story with alts with this idea? The game would pretty much be a one-and-done game at that point. What if someone (such as myself) likes playing their alts as different characters, not as an all-in-one character like you do? Not a fan of this idea.
  7. Just look up "red and blue koi fish Yin Yang" on Google Images and you get plenty of drawings/art of the same exact Yin-Yang design from long before either of these MMOs even came out. Definitely not even close to "stolen" as OP claims. https://www.google.com/search?q=red+and+blue+koi+fish+yin+yang This argument, imo, is like saying GW2 stole team-based dungeons from Runescape (Dungeoneering) or Norn from the Elder Scrolls (Nords). It's just the same widely available, cultural themes and designs being used in different games, not anything being stolen.
  8. I do not want to see her brought back in physical form tbh. Her death and redemption arcs were one of the ones Anet pulled off really well and had an impact. Bringing her back would just cheapen that imo (similar to the fake Aurene death in LWS4). Though, I would like it if we saw her in a Mists/Fractal form and let her pass on/gain peace knowing that people view her differently now.
  9. As others have mentioned, since he didn't die at the end of the Saga, although I was kind of expecting him to, I don't think he's dying anytime soon. Killing him off atm would be pointless. Maybe if he gets another Far Shiverpeaks storyline in the extended map and/or rejoins us sometime in the future it would make sense, but that would probably be at least a several years away. We're almost certainly dealing with primarily Canthan/Unending Ocean stuff in the next LW, which I don't really see Braham as being that important to. One of the new Canthan characters or Ivan dying seems much more
  10. It was 250 years since it was a city. As we saw in GW1, Old Kaineng was pretty much a fire hazard waiting to happen, if not collapsing from some other natural disaster. I would not find it unbelievable if that part of the city got destroyed within that 250 years, claimed by Naga, and then rebuilt into New Kaineng after the Zhaitan flood.
  11. Don't have a problem with the current system and agree with others that killing off main characters frequently loses its impact and starts to become tiresome. That said, I am against plot armor death/injury escapes that don't really make sense- Braham's at the end of IBS was the most noticeable. He didn't even get burnt or anything physically, compared to how permanently disfigured Ryland became. Sure the Spirits of the Wild gave him partial protection, but no scars/injuries at all just made it seem like writer's favor/plot armor.
  12. Also have this issue. Annoying to have to click the achievements pane every time I want to see what the PvE dailies are. I have zero interest in PvP and do not want/need to see any PvP dailies. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.
  13. How would it not be? They would have to update most armor/weapons (and their animations), come up with new animations for almost everything, and change all racially-specific dialogue, all for 10 years worth of content. Also, unless they introduced the new race as an entirely new level 80-only starting area (more likely), they would need to redesign/retcon the entire storyline up to this point, as neither Tengu/Largos/any of the other major races participated in it in any significant fashion. The amount of time/resources spent on that could so much easier and more worthwhile to be spent on
  14. Housing, I'd be fine with tbh as long as it's not the only main expac feature (on a similar level to fishing and skiffs, which I only occasionally use, but are not the only two main expac features and are supplemented by other more useful ones i.e. Jade Bots). I think it would be a good addition, especially to players who don't have access to specific Guild Halls, if any at all or just want a personal space just for themselves to go and customize. Personal housing also already has much of the technical aspects/assets that could be directly ported from Guild Halls and would thus require less de
  15. This is the only way I can see them reasonably doing any sort of new playable race tbh - Starting in a level 80 zone that just begins their story at that point in the game. Then adding in a popup and/or sepia effect for previous mission replays like they had in GW1 missions that you played through with characters from a different campaign: "You are experiencing events that occurred to heroes of the past." This way, no old missions would need to be remade from scratch (only modifying some of the few racial dialogues/events in them) just to fit in a new race. In any case, I highly doubt any
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