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Gear copying - a solution for multiple characters


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For the sake of convince and all things fun, consider this idea...

Weapon / Armour copying

Any account bound ascended or legendary item can be copied. These copies can be used on other characters or the same one while the item in question remains where it is. The restriction for them is that they can not be used on a character with the original or same copy already equipped. The alternative atm is to collect multiple sets of armour and/or weapons and equip them on each character, or stop your gameplay to work the logistics of transferring gear from one character to another. Both options are time consuming, anti-immersive, and take away from account progression by repeating steps that are likely identical to what you did before.

I could see it done as a premium service where you would buy a heavy/medium/light/omni astral body core, equip it with the items to be copied, then click a button for as many copies as you want. Removing the weapon from the astral body destroys all the copies, since the idea isn't to cheat other mechanics. Its just a short cut mechanic for those that would be transferring gear between characters anyways.

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Spiritwood planks are already at ridiculously low prices, and the others aren't much better. It is sometimes cheaper to sell the mats and buy the end product, that is how cheap they have gotten.

As someone who likes selling that stuff, this would make it even worse. I just make the extra set of gear, gradually adding a piece. For instance, my soulbeast has a complete set of power armor and condi armor. He USED to share the power armor with my holo, but now SHE has her own set and currently is sharing with my thief, except for chest, as she has that.

My chrono is stingy and keeps her stuff(she'll get the legendary once I get it, since, boon chrono, wvw chrono, condi mirage, and even sometimes when I can be coaxed into it, tank(boon plus whatever toughness is needed) but my scourge shares with my ellie. None of them share weapons, since I simply can't be bothered to do that much swapping, and deal with sigils and other nonsense but I used to share staff way back when with scourge and ellie(bifrost. So pretty.)

tldr; this would make more sense in a game that continuously upgrades it's gear, not so much on one where bis stays that way.

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