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Reaper shroud


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@"Vicko.1204" said:Make it 7 seconds again. Our only "damage mitigation" skill has a 10 sec cd and needs lifeforce on top of that. Especially now with the soul eater nerf, just make it 7 seconds again. Come on.

Fully supported.I think many of us had been wanting this back ever since it was taken from us 2 years ago.I wonder how many of us are still playing the game though :'(Return our Shroud Flashing play-style!

I had shared some related views 2 years ago and I'll share them again if it will bring back our love.

Please understand that Reaper Shroud is a subpar defense to begin with...

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I noticed that i die around the 9th second in pvp, while my life force is almost full and enough to take some hits. 10 seconds is too much with all the spam going on anyway, everything has so many short cd heavy hitting abilities. They proved that shroud is way to great drawback by creating the scourge, without the shroud it does way better.

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