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timeline things and how they go with our earthly timeline

Amanda Whitemoon.6173

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I know the releases of the should correspont , so 2012 is 1325 ingame and 2019 is 1332 ingame, same as 360 days on tyria and 365 days for us.but recently in one of the threats here, it was said that Zhaitan was killed around day 60 Zephyr 1326, but Flame and Frost was added on januari 28 2013, wich should correspont with day 28 zephyr 1326. does that mean that Flame and Frost happend during the pact assault on Zhaitan?or is S1 just a bit inconsistent with dates

with Wintersday being the end of the year and peaking at januari 1, seems to mean the tyrian spring starts in januari, not in march as for us on earth.

anyoone has some more insight in this?

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S1 is a bit inconsistent with dates since at the time of release (well, midway through S1) they tried to make an exact day-to-day conversion, but that hit several snags (arbitrarily needing to add 5 days to the calendar which just simply would make no sense; the fact that Wintersday is the Tyrian spring solestice - aka mid-March for us - etc. etc.) however with Season 2 they dropped trying to do this, and because of all the issues, we no longer have an exact date for when The Lost Shores and Flame and Frost occurred, but they both should have occurred "after Zhaitan".

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Understanding timelines in GW2 is a very complicated thing, one even the devs do not always understand.It is impossible to tie ingame dates/times to the actual time dates due to the moment the commander is experiencing it. On top of that, maps are frozen in time. This means that e.g. Queensdale is frozen in time just after the attack on shaemoor. But to make it more complicated, you also have an invasion from Palawa Joko forces there.Lion's Arch is even more confusing. It is frozen between the moment the player joins his order, but before the battle at claw island. But it also got destroyed by Karka and Scarlet and rebuild.

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