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privet pvp room need

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privet pvp room need to have on the one u bye to have were you can set up madrators or like the guilds have officer and upper class so if some one die and got the room on them that you can keep it ative going and do changes with it we had a death of one that had are room and was forced to make a nother room an let the one we hade for a long time go

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we hade a privet room the person passed on now we cant change the room or see home day it hade in it so if the make it like guild hall set up so you don't lost the 1000 n of gold that was put n to the room

Ok, just to make sure I understood it correctly, you had/have a PvP Server which had lots of the Time Tokens invested in it, but the person who owned the Server/had Admin rights over it, is gone and thus you can't control it / change its settings?

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