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Would it hurt to extend gift of desert mastery to all 2nd gen legendaries?

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It would be a way to cut time for those who don't have it and want to craft legendaries like astralaria and nevermore , it's one thing to expect people to play the game to obtain something and one thing is to expect people to repeat same pve content hundreds of time to farm enough EXP for gift of insight , there is just that much pve content I can do before getting bored to death.

I really hope one day Anet will consider the idea

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@Mortifera.6138 said:That wouldn’t be very legendary, would it?

Getting gift of desert mastery is not exactly a walk in the park, you need : max all mounts masteries , 100% PoF maps and farm up to 800 mosaics that require dozen of legendaries bounties ( weeks). I believe desert mastery is not less legendary than gift of maguma , it's just less boring to get and I am talking from personal point of view ofc, sure some people enjoy doing dragon stand hundreds of times..but I am not one of them. It takes even a 200-300 more gold to get gift of desert mastery but I prefer it over gift of insight

A whopping 10mil exp for each HoT maguma subrace is too much for me, I don't like Hot maps that much to force myself into an endless grind

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All gen 2 legendaries except the first 6 or so already provide a choice, i don't see a problem with extending it out to allow those generation 2 leggies with precursor collections to take either too.

Also it isn't really a cut in time, they take equivalent materials to make from memory and I personally find the gift of maguuma mastery waaaaay less annoying as well as quicker to make. Gift of desert mastery ALSO requires map completion (which takes much longer due to hearts) and maxed mount masteries (which..... 50/50, HoT has more experience needed BUT also gives more experience out with the meta events), and both require farming events in maps (for PoF you need minimum 300 elegy mosiacs and up to 25k trade contracts or 750 more elegy mosiacs if you don't want to be time gated, for HoT the map currencies are bountiful but require events to be done to acquire keys). It's really down to preference.

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