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gw2 emblems?

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@Tatiana.1573 said:Can I use guild emblem art for custom hoodies ect? ?

The rules of thumb for stuff like that is that the lawyers don't really care if (a) you just make stuff for your own use and (b) it's not publicized (i.e. it can't be construed to affect the value of the brand).

So a hoodie that you might wear to college or give a friend who takes it to ComiCon? That's fine. Something to sell? No. Something that's worn while streaming about a competing game? Probably not fine.

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You may also find you have trouble if you're planning to get them printed rather than making them yourself as a lot of companies are wary of being involved in creating bootleg merchandise and require proof that it's your own artwork or you have permission to use it before they'll do it.

But if you're planning to make them yourself (or modify existing hoodies yourself) you should be fine.

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