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Mug vs deadly ambition

Fat Disgrace.4275

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@Fat Disgrace.4275 said:Yes, as power builds, was wondering g what the added poison is like vs mug steal, lose healing from mug sure but the 2 second CD on DA trait does look nice, especially vs things like warriors

If you're taking Sleight, I wouldn't swap Mug for anything especially when you're also taking Even the Odds. Just like Jugglemonkey.8741 said, you can get poison from somewhere else.

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@Sir Vincent III.1286 said:

@Kageseigi.2150 said:I'm curious, what about in PvP specifically?

The poison duration and the ICD doesn't make it viable for a non-hybrid build. In PvE, you can easily extend the poison duration longer than the ICD, but in PvP, you'll ruin your build just to make this trait work. IMO, it's not worth it, just take Mug.

Thanks :-)

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