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Map hovering enhancement

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For example you have a certain jumping puzzle daily quest, then when you click to find the location, the map will do this:

  1. start from your location
  2. zoom out
  3. zoom in to the target location
  4. zoom out again
  5. zoom in to your location

This way is preventing us from finding nearest waypoint to go to that location or get a better idea where it is, it should be stopped at the 3rd step and let the player interact with the map like the normal map

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why dont just make it more user friendly, you see, even i play for 1 year already, i still dont know what is the one you are talking about. imagine if for new player, what a terrible user experience it is.

Still regardless of whether you recognize this area or not, giving it a better user experience will make the player navigation easier anyway, so what is the harm of doing it like this?

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We use our Motd (Message of the day, the text you read when you represent a guild or log in while representing) for this. There is sadly not much in this game to use the feature for, so we pin up the three fastest dailies with a short discription/hint. For today's JP it looks like this

◎ Loreclaw Expanse JP:[&BMcDAAA=] head up the ramp to the south-east.

We use the Motd mostly for utility-features like dailies, PSNA and special events. As you can put chat-codes into the Motd, you can even link waypoints/poits of interests and vistas. In my bank-guild, I use the Motd for a full list of all Sunken Treasure Locations, LS3 & 4 Waypoints and a few other very useful links. When I need any of those quickly, I just represent the guild and get everything I want. Without opening a browser.

As long as the dailies work the way they do right now, we can bait our people to read the Motd daily. If the dailies get an automated system as OP suggested, I doubt anyone would bother to use/read it.

Isn't there a third party program for this, like TACO?

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