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  1. it was great experience. devs should be more daring to create controversial content and mechanics.
  2. That's best case scenario, and demands a hefty investment into toughness at the expense of offense. Which in the long run is not usually worth the exchange for equivalent reduction of offense. The longer the fight, the more damage you will take. What does that mean? That means raising your toughness to lengthen the fight, you actually take more damage in the long run. Ironic. Pro-tip: a dead enemy deals no damage. When you kill an enemy, you have essentially 'healed' or 'prevented' an indefinite amount of damage. That's why healing and toughness stats are usually traps. You go i
  3. Exactly. Living World is optional additional content. Even "stories" are optional content. You're not forced to do the "story" in order--or at all. New maps are free in order to entice large populations of players to participate. The very definition of MMO. Gratuity keeps dedicated fans to stick around for new fresh content. Again retaining that MMO-ness. Devs want massive populations on new maps. It's a like coupon. Some people can get stuff cheaper or free using coupons. Doesn't mean that companies just give out free stuff to everybody, because some people may feel i
  4. The profession formerly known as elementalist. The red-headed stepchild. Soon this subforum will be deleted, and you can only search posts at third-party archival websites.
  5. I don't even main elementalist. But I can tell eles have it the worst. Some classes don't get any love by the Anet devs; unfortunately, the devs actively hate and deride the elementalist. Ever since the game's release in 2012, the devs have stomped every ounce of life from eles. When some glimmer of hope somehow accidentally shines through, the devs will snuff it out. Catalyst is a freaking joke. They just phoned it in and called it day. That's nowhere near elite spec material. Hammer is another melee weapon eles don't need or want. The class mechanic F5 is just unimaginative and worthles
  6. Asura master race feel like they move and run faster. Best race for JP: you can see where you go and pinpoint where you jump. Charr has the coolest personalities. Norns are hot if you like them thick. Humans are hot if you like them thin. Sylvari are basically humans but squiggly. I plan to have one Asura for every profession. The other races I just want one of each gender.
  7. Core are mesmer, ranger, warrior, thief. Elites are mirage, soulbeast, spellbreaker, deadeye. Mesmer is great balance between active and reactive gameplay. Mirage even more so with dodges and teleports. Ranger offense is AOE condi with fields and traps. Marsh Drake is most balanced offensively and defensively. Warrior is just straight up face bashing, no holds barred. Thief has speedy attacks with double daggers. Or chill from far away with rifle.
  8. you're just creating a new elite spec-- the 'core elite'. such that any core build that doesn't have this core elite is SOL. now the pure core build without this core elite will then complain being forced to include the core elite. Another solution is to make certain core traits perform better, either in absence of elite specced, and/or synergize with other core trait lines. A) A trait like "This trait has bonus if you are not specced into an elite." B) A trait like "This Beastmastery trait has bonus if you are specced into Wilderness Survival." Thus a core build specced
  9. What's the point of this elite? It feels nothing special at all. So elementalist gets an extra action button. That's it? So it creates a small, short-lived combo field with boons. Support class? Hammer is somewhat fun. Doesn't feel slow, compared to Warrior or Guardian. The problem with GW2 design. They make a class centered around combos, but don't give you enough finishers and they have super long cooldowns. I want 2-3 times more finishers on my weapons. Conclusion: Doesn't feel elite at all. No reason to play this.
  10. lol When Mesmer shatters, opponents get a bonus skill action to create a safe space around them.
  11. Illusions and shatters now target yourself. All teleport skills now teleport you straight to hell. Mirage dodge stuns yourself for 2 seconds.
  12. Interesting. Because with templates and shortcut keys, one can quickly switch between in-combat and out-of-combat traits. However, this is extra micromanagement. And sometimes you may forget to switch to the proper template at the wrong time.
  13. For those wanting support / healer role, how about Apothecary / Druglord, who dispenses poison, heals, and dark fields (life steal). Wields mace + focus = mortar + pestle.
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