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[QoL] Filter for Character Select Screen

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Would be really nice if the character select screen got some love and allowed us to start typing a substring of a character name to filter out characters for faster logging in. In anticipation of the character slot sale I pre-bought a bunch of gems to buy 37 new characters. Yesterday I bought them and created them, and now I'm finding myself a bit frustrated when searching for specific characters to log in to.

I realize I made this problem for myself by maxing out character slots. I just hope something could get prioritized or pulled in as someone's side project.

Expanded idea: filtering by class/race/crafting profession might be neat as well.

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This is an oft-requested feature and, outside of technical arguments, has very little reason to oppose it.

I, personally, don't see the value in a complex sorting system, but I only have 15 characters and I know what and where all of them are and do by their costuming. That being said, I do sympathize with players with, let's say, "deeper rosters", and would be interested in ANet's spin on this type of system.

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I'd personally be happy with just some sort of like...favorites system, where I can flag a select few as favorites that are always at the front of the listThen again, I don't have nearly as many characters as some. But if they can make something more complex to help those with way too many characters, I don't see a reason why not

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