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  1. My biggest issues with the jade bot is that the cores and such are not account wide and the things you can actively do with the jade bot are very tedious. All other masteries I can think of are enjoyable across all your characters, but having to craft unique items for all my characters just to even be able to use the basic functions is annoying at best. Then on top of all that, once you can use the jade bot, having to constantly recharge it with batteries and refresh buffs is just...tedious. For tech that's suppose to be so amazing, it certainly feels very inefficient to have to recharge it co
  2. Actually incorrect for me. Yes, I would like to get a turtle eventually, but that's not the only reason I'm frustrated with the meta event. I...enjoy meta events. I think they are a very interesting way of making open world content way more engaging, and allowing maps to stay relevant well after they are released. But this meta event? It's more of an exercise in frustration and futility; you dedicate a ton of time to getting to the final boss....knowing it's probably going to fail. And I haven't really felt like the rewards I got from the events leading up to that boss were very
  3. I am unfortunately a bit busy as these changes are happening, but I'm glad to see that you're trying to incentivize and reward people for doing the mechanics as intended because trying to force everyone to ignore a mechanic didn't seem right to me. I'll have to give the meta another go sometime this weekend!
  4. Noticed the same thing. Has been extremely annoying for me since I use a copper fed and runecrafter's salvage kit to salvage through blues and greens and it makes it look like I still have stuff to salvage when I right click on them.
  5. In a sense, yes it would. But I'm also of the opinion that a mechanic should be intuitive. And I would prefer a "nerf" that makes the fight more intuitive and less cheese instead of just increasing the timer or decreasing the HP actually, now that I think about it more.
  6. I can actually really agree with this. If they can tweak the green mechanic to be something that people can't just troll and is a mechanic that is actually done as intended instead of trying to get people to skip I think the meta would be a lot better.
  7. I disagree, it needs to be nerfed in some way. Not drastically. But it does need to be changed so that a decently competent squad can complete it fairly consistently. Doesn't need to always succeed, but it shouldn't be failing on nearly every attempt. I don't want to see this meta event end up like the PoF metas post release; those were too difficult to clear for the average player and were competing for players' attention with much more rewarding and consistently cleared metas in HoT in the same timeslots. Why would people want to spend time doing Dragon's End again if they could j
  8. I'm 27 and continue to enjoy the GW2 story, including the EoD story. Is it perfect? No. Sometimes the pacing is off, sometimes the dialogue is meh, and sometimes it is a bit of a leap how they get the story to go from one place to another just so we can have a cool new zone in a different area of the map. But no game is perfect, and I do enjoy the stories and characters for what they are. I'm sorry not everything is always dark and morally ambiguous. But just because you don't like it doesn't mean everyone else also hates it. And just because other people like it doesn't mean they'
  9. Haven't read through everyone's replies, but I agree that the meta event is way too hard for an open world meta event. And I'm saying that purely because I believe that having a meta event that's too difficult like this is simply bad for the expansion in the long run. Meta events are suppose to help keep players returning to maps for extended periods of time. When HoT launched, metas like the Gerent in TD were way too hard to consistently kill. So they nerfed the difficulty. And it was still hard, it still would fail sometimes, but it was doable with a decent, prepared map of people.
  10. It's an MMO. To my knowledge, most MMOs have ridiculous immersion breaking outfits people can use. There's nothing stopping you from making your character look however they want. I'll agree they should probably have an option in the settings to allow you to disable flashy animations from other people's infusions and legendaries and such, since that can cause a lot of visual noise and would probably make the game a little smoother for lower end PCs, but other than that I don't really care if someone else wants to have a neon rainbow norn with a dumb moustache sitting there drinking tea. That's
  11. A new map isn't make or break for me, but that entirely depends on what else it has. I'd be game for things like new raids, dungeons, rehash/revamped LWS1. It just feels like it's kinda hard to make a new story without new places to go to. But if they can do something compelling with the maps that already exist? I'd be down.
  12. You used way too many words to try and describe a problem that doesn't exist. I've never seen literally everyone just bunched up around a waypoint. Many places you still have to traverse to. If you wanna interact with people there is a map chat. What is the issue? Never have I seen someone complain about waypoints existing...
  13. I would love there to be a story mode for raids. I think it could be beneficial to both the casuals and experienced raiders. As someone that is both interested in the lore of the world and doing raids, it gets kinda frustrating that it's hard to enjoy the raid story when you're just trying to quickly skip through everything to just get your clear for the week. Would be nice to have a story mode so anyone can enjoy the story of the raid wings, and then have the current mode but maybe shave off all the RP between some of the bosses so it can get going a little faster for the people that just wan
  14. Scrolled down to see what the complaint was about raids and I'll outright say that trying to find a group in LFG is disastrous, and it is like that in most games from my experience.Not sure if someone has mentioned it, but I highly recommend looking up the discord server for Raid Academy. They regularly do raid training in gw2, even with groups that have never done any raids before. No "kp" required. On mobile so it's hard to link. I think there's a different discord for EU if that works better for you, but the name of the EU based one escapes me.
  15. I'm at a loss for words. "Sub money on mount skins," just....wow. Are there even enough character slots you can buy to have every possible combination? Pretty sure there is a cap of like 70 character slots at max. And as people have mentioned, you don't need anything you are complaining about.
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