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Maybe a fix to supposed unravel uselessness


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Can unravel activate sunspot in future and even healing ripple, if so then it might be a decent niche, sadly the boons don't last long and it doesn't seem to reliable as many other utilities of other classes, plus unravel is viable replacement for other needed utility to keep a weaver alive, and can the boon be applied form staring element and the second element,also for sunspot ties with burning rage so it could be decent more squishier but fun.

Don't know if it would fix but it might be more useful. and ther could be a cool down for each attunement

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Please, anything. Doesn't look like we're ever getting an F5, so might as well give it a buff to make it compete with other stances.

The boons are easily replaceable, especially since most weavers are using arcane. Right now, the only other benefit of unravel is Stab spam, but even that isn't as frequent as Primordial Stance

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