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[Game] Unbound Magic Logging Pulse


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While it was originally reported that all 3 of the Unbound Magic tools caused you to unsheathe you weapons when used (even though not in combat), only 2 of the 3 were eventually fixed.

The Logging Pulse still forces you to unsheathe your weapons when used.

There is an 'odd' sort of work around. If you take off running as soon as you get your goodies from the final chop, it won't unsheathe your weapons. :/

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Yes, that is weird indeed. I hope it will get fixed, too.

On a different note, it would be so cool if one could keep one set's funtionality (in this case the ability to gather unbound magic), while being able to pick one's set's appearance (I am not a fan of the Unbound Magic set and would rather use my old one, but I do need the unbound magic). That would probably be too complicated to implement, though. :/

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