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DDOS in ranked?


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This is clearly not Anet's fault, the guy I'm talking about, who's name ill not note here because of not being allowed to say it on forums, blocked my entire team when we actually asked him why. Not even a reply, just insta block. It was a super obvious cheater. I don't and can't understand how im losing -23 for a game vs a cheater I mean, it's so obvious. Besides, cheating pvp in 2019, COME ON ANET

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Well I would've said check your internet connection but I had the same experience 2 days ago with one specific condi mesmer. Played 5 games in a row and got that mesmer on my second and final game, and whenever that mesmer came near me (without clones btw if you are thinkng about visual clutter), not close to me but even in near vicinity, my team experienced huge lag spikes. Not with others but with that specific condi mesmer. And funny thing is that it was unranked. Without that guy around I had no lag spikes. But because it was unranked i did not give a fudge about it.

info: I also play mesmer casually so I know about the clone-spam visual clutter.

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seems like I got DDoS too last night in ranked, havent had any random disconnect for months

there was this Sylvari scourge botter on my team, jumping in the exact same path as asura scourge botter the OP spotted in this posthttps://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/88423/bugged-bot-in-action

after we observed him for 3-4min, we started calling him out on map chat, and he continue for another 2-3min, and seems like the botter noticed he screwed up, took control and ran off to the back the airship, then suddenly i got kicked off the server, but i was able to immediately reconnect back; which is at odds with random drops i experienced before, which i had to wait a good 2-5min to be able to reconnect

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