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How do you all feel generally about the art style of Short Bow Weapon skins?

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Me personally, I am mostly disappointed in the Short Bow skins compared to the Longbow creativity.

I only use Desert King Short Bow, and sometimes some other silly skins like Slingshot, and a few others.But most of the short bow skins "to me", generally seem like a way scaled down barebone version of longbow skins.

Not many classes use Shortbow, so it may not be such a big deal to most, but I play with mine a lot, so this is a concern for me. Would like more creativity in this area. If not more awesome skins like Longbow gets, I take some more over the top silly short bow skins to compensate/bandaid.

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I don't like many of the bows in this game, long or short. None of them convincingly look like they have any tension in them, and most of them look like they were designed by someone who doesn't understand how bows work. This is particularly true of the "high-end" bow designs like legendaries and Black Lion skins. I realise that it's a high fantasy setting and that it's not supposed to be realistic, but there is a big difference between being realistic and being believeable. I think bows have my least favourite designs of any weapon type, although it's a close run thing between those and the cricket bats greatswords.

All that said, this strikes me as a very niche poll, and I don't expect it to gain much traction.

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