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Med Blaster fix


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Does anyone know how much it was healing compared to its tooltip?https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Med_Blaster states that the last patch (march) was

  • Increased the healing-power multiplier by 500% on the blaster's base heal.
  • Increased the healing-power multiplier by 80% on its heals per boon.
  • Base healing has been decreased by 33%.

Were those changes not in effect or was there just a miscalculation somewhere?It felt like a strong buff on heal-scrapper yesterday.Might be caused by the 175 Healpower and +20% effectivenes on monk-rune, though. ^^

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I have a screenshot somewhere of me healing a zerg for 19.1K/sec, and I remember the highest I've seen it was 30.3K/sec. Guess that would make it more of a blob than a zerg. I was running Dwayna runes at the time, too. Anyway, if that was the med kit not healing as much as the 1 skill advertised, i have zero worries for it now.

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