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Theory Build: Burning Rage

Cheshire Rabbid.7430

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I would probably go into the arms traitline to maximize that burn (condi) damage.Have you tried full viper's? or full grieving?Plus, you don't need two bloodlust sigils, you could use one sigil to increase burn duration and maybe even switch out bloodlust for increased condi damage instead.If its fun, though, play...there are no rules in pve :)

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Why arent you going full sinister stats?

2 bloodlust sigils on both sets are not needed, just on one weapon and one on your underwater, to not lose the stacks when taking a swim.For max dps id go berserkers power, but i understand mmr for sustain.Since you only use one rage skill, which is headbutt, i would run savage instinct over last blaze, or switch out the healshout for the berserker heal, for more primal bursts, and more burn)

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I second swapping out Last Blaze for Savage Instinct since you are only running one rage skill.

Swap the bloodlust sigil on Longbow for a sigil of smoldering. You can use a bowl of fire meat chilli then for +85% burn duration while in Longbow. Another option is to swap Bloody Roar for King of Flames, MMR for Berserker's Power, and then swap the sigil of smoldering for sigil of bursting which will give about 98% burn duration without any expertise except from a Furious Tuning Crystal.

Definitely replace Healing Surge for Blood Reckoning to increase DPS. If you find that you are lacking in sustain, then swap the healing skill to Defiant Stance so you can heal while you DPS.

There are certainly several ways to go here. Pick and choose based on the amount of sustain you think you need that allows you to max your DPS. If you want to big burn dps, then King of Flames will help a great deal.

The Arms variant will max your condi damage output, and allow you to hit 100% Burn duration. I'll throw a link to that variant here: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PKwAc+NlRwuYjsOmJWaXVtVA-zRRYBRxjNywFSTJapVVHhgNTjAOrA-e

The Arms Variant will also help your adrenaline gain while in Longbow, and still has 4k power while fully buffed. Don't pine over the lack of vitality, its PvE.

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