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Ultra Wide screen, truncated personal history scenes.

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  • 4 months later...

Hey there, just came back in Tyria after a few years on other worlds, and I was very disappointed to notice this problem. The game engine and overall graphics are old enough, but all new players or new characters have to go through all these "cinematics" with low resolution videos and ruined cutscenes which seem like you're watching an old very little tv.It's probably not the main concern of Arenanet, but I think it doesn't give a good feeling if you need to wait the Expansions in order to enjoy the game fully on wide screens.Ten years ago, wide screens were not as popular as they are now, but unless they're almost ready for GW3, I'm pretty sure the time and development investment would be very much appreciated by everybody.

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  • 3 months later...

Experiencing the same here. Just coming back after 6 or so years. Samsung CRG9 49". Game runs fine, except for cutscenes, character selection/creation and map/chat on the edges of the scrren.

The later could be fixed by simply allowing the chat/minimap to be draggable. Not sue about cutscenes though.

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I've been coming back to this issue again and again since I picked up my 49" a couple years ago, and son of a b***** its still a problem. IF they would just freaking force the aspect ratio into 16:9 for cutscenes or character creation or whatever then I am sure it would solve this issue, so frustrating how it almost completely ruins the story aspect of the game.

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