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CoR is still bugged how long I need to wait


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Its nearly 2 months since it went from working state into some buggy state. How long I need to wait for repair?

So for summary:

  • Pattern goes with direction in which is your character looking, nice action combat now
  • Its going through objects. for example wvw gates
  • Its appearing on the other side of gaps
  • Enemy character needs to be on same height level as you to be hitted
  • Can be dodged by jumping
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Maybe tues the 3rd fingers crossed? Or maybe they just fixed it going through gates and left the rest of the bugs in place which would be unbelievably frustrating. Meaning they actually took the time to go through the code, but didnt bother fixing it despite us pleading with them to do so for the past 2 months.

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"Coalescence of Ruin: Fixed a bug that allowed this skill to hit foes that were out of the line of sight."How about the bugs that make the skill fire off to the side, miss foes, get stopped by bumps in the terrain, do no damage, drop out pieces of its animation, etc?

What I'd really like to see happen is revert the skill's mechanics back to how things were a couple months ago, and then if it was over-performing in WvW, just reduce the damage numbers in WvW only. Leave the skill mechanics as they were, especially in PvE.

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Anet finally mentions doing something to correct CoR in a post after it's been changed, and that's what they say. :unamused:Hmmm... if I'm placing a bet on the state of CoR come December 3rd, my money's on what Tammuz said in his/her 1st post on this thread.(I'll be shocked if anything else happens. )

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