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When separate tags for HoT and PoF for daily?


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I noticed the same. Not just that this is not helpful currently it also seems to just return the same required_access list for all dailies. In my app I modify the required_access list to transform the list into one that seems to be correct. This way I can show dailies for Path of Fire to those that have it and just the ones Heart of Thorns users see if they don't have it. But there is currently no easy way for me to generate the achievements list which a Core user would see. I hope this will be fixed together with the addition of PathOfFire as a new entry in required_access.

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@"vampirelazarus.9403" said:Bear in mind, a few months ago the API "team" (if memory serves me correctly, it was just one person) got disbanded, and now the API is developed "when developers have time"

So, updates are going to be pretty inconsistent going forward... Still waiting on Buy/Sell orders to update....

The history of the API team has been roughly:

  • stuff gets handled when people have time → dev assigned to API → stuff gets handled consistently (unless they go on holiday) → dev does such a good job, they get promoted or reassigned → no dev assigned →
  • stuff gets handled when people have time (repeat)

The good news is that this time, ANet said they plan to change things so that there's a group of people who have the API as part of the routine. It won't be dependent on one person (and there's some chance to develop longer-lasting institutional knowledge of how the API integrates with other systems).

The bad news: that doesn't appear to have happened yet. So it's hard to tell the difference between now and any other time when no one was assigned the API as their main job.

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