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Need help to pick runes

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Okay. I use full grivering gear on my guard what runes do most damge for burn damge? What runes give the Best dps?

Rune of the Flame Legion(1): +25 Power(2): +10% Burning Duration(3): +50 Power(4): +20% Burning Duration(5): +100 Power(6): +20%burning duration; +7% damage against Burning foes

Or this one

Rune of Balthazar1): +25 Condition Damage(2): +10% Burning. Duration(3): +50 Condition Damage(4): +20% Burning Duration(5): +100 Condition Damage(6): +20%Burn Duration; +10%Maximum Health

What runes to pick?

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@Nightcore.5621 said:

@"Cyninja.2954" said:Use

since you are not burn duration capped, and being capped on burn duration will have the highest impact in PVE.

Ideally, rework some of your gear to hit 100% burn duration, then go with Balthazar.

But they both have same burn duration?

(6): +20% Burning.png burning duration; convert 7% of your power into Condition Duration.png Expertise.

Expertise = condition duration. Since Grieving is giving you Power primary, that will convert into additional condition duration via the 6th bonus.

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I think Cyninja means to get some smoldering sigils (+20% burn duration) and pieces of viper gear. Currently if you look at condi firebrand they (most of the common build sites) use a mix of grieving, viper, and sinister with a earth sigil for bleed on crit. The quickness condi firebrand on the other hand uses viper gear + firebrand rune + smoldering sigil.

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