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Trying to make friends/ guild New player Dragonbrand US

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Welcome to the game!

Try sticking around the major cities (i.e. Divinity's Reach and Lion's Arch) and you will likely see quite a few guilds advertising for membership. I know The Grove is your capital city for Sylvari but I don't know how many ppl hang out there spamming guilds. The other two you should find plenty.

Also, we run on a megaserver system for PVE which I assume you will be doing first. Dragonbrand Server really only still exists for WvW purposes.

Good luck and don't worry you will find lots of people to play with soon.

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It's all one server! You'll be mixed in with folks from all over. The only thing to watch out for is NA/EU -- the two servers can share a guild hall but never meet each other inside it. At game launch there were individual servers, but they all got mushed together in a big update. Now they exist only for purposes of assigning teams in World vs World. And even that is (supposedly) changing to a guild alliance system and one day all the servers will just be gone in terms of names. Maybe not this year, even, they've made no promises as to when and no solid guarantee they'll do this system change, they just are working on it.

You can swap named servers within a megaserver fairly easily if you are willing to delete all your characters and pick a new one, but unless you are deeply interested in WvW there's not any real need to do so.

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