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Item with no stats identification (color change or flashing?)

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I agree, that would be really helpful.

I know you can just check each item to see which ones are missing stats, but when each character can have up to 19 items equipped, and could have 6 different sets of equipment it gets annoying to try to find what's missing. Especially since an item without stats can still have lots of text in the info box so, at least for me, it's not immediately obvious what's not there.

(I don't actually have 6 equipment tabs, most of my characters only have 1 set, and a couple have two. I'm just mentioning that because if it's annoying for me with just 1-2 sets to check it must be really annoying for people with 6.)

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I had that problem on one alt for a long time. I'm trying to remember what it turned out being, since I had repeatedly moused over every item in her equipment and in her bags and they all had stats. I do sort of recall facepalming at myself when I finally tracked it down.

I guess you can try right-clicking each item to see if it gets a "customize" option. Which is much less QoL than your marvelous suggestion. Maybe some time they can come up with an indicator. However, I think the issue is going to fade over time; it was a big deal when -all- the selectable stat gear got reset for the patch swapping to the new customization system, but going forward it will more and more pop up only on new items which generally do make you select before equipping. Still, returning veterans will have a lot of gear to update, so the indicator will always have some use.

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