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Mantra of Solace?!?


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Restoring Reprieve (Mantra of Solace): Reduced base heal from 997 to 199 in PvP and WvW. Reduced healing coefficient from 0.25 to 0.1 in PvP and WvW.

Why? Whats wrong with you anet ? This is a total overnerf. Its now probably the worst healing skill Guardian has now.It heals like 250 HP now.... thats 1 second of Healing signet or Fiendish Tenacity...

I was like the only FB out there roaming and you killed every single skill of my build, after i adapted you killed it once and for all.You do not increase TTK by this ....

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IMO: It's only usable with Pure of Heart (~700 heal on aegis pop) in the Honor Traitline with Flock Runes (~1K heal) if you don't have other people healing you

It became only used for aegis procs, so now you need to decide if you're using that aegis for heals (Honor traitline) or quickness (firebrand traitline) if you want to keep it.In theory you can ignore a burst skill , but if it's unblockable (i.e. necro marks) or boon rips at the same time it's pointless. In WvW if more than one person is hitting you and you don't run the honor traitline it's more or less useless because it will likely negate splash damage or auto attacks.

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