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[Brainstorm] Game Modes

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I've been thinking many times of the games and how things could improve. I've thought of how they could add changes to maps and locations, without removing the chance to view the old ones and I've thought many times of what could be done to improve difficulty in the game. This is one thought that I've had for a short while. I figured I'd post it here:

Difficulty modesDifficulty modes should be available for any level 80 characters.

AdventurerThis game mode is the current game mode. Character scale to the enemy level and everything is easy to beat.

Dragon slayerIn this game mode, as you can only access it when you're level 80, all enemies should scale up to level 80. In addition, enemies should band together in groups forming little squads of 5+ mobs, scaling up as would events. These mob squads should actively try to take you down, with a strategically thinking AI, that have both the option to have healers and to revive fallen mob squad members. Loot should not drop from these mob squads, until you've killed them all. These mob squads should reward you as though they were events, but as most enemies on the map should be mob squads, they shouldn't actually be events. All enemies not part of a mob squad should be either elite enemies in smaller groups or champions. All members of a mob squad should be veterans or elites. All enemy encounters should be challenging and hard to beat.The enemies should drop equipment in accordance with the area, and disregard the players level. Things that are not salvageable, should take the players level into account

Dark SpiritThis mode should really bump things up to speed. It should have the same mob-squads as the dragon slayer mode, but It should introduce a few new concepts:Enemy Commanders, a unit rallying enemies of it's own kind to it or outright spawning such enemies. This commander should have an AI, affecting all the units it control, so that it can take all it's units into consideration when deploying them in a tactical order. All it's units should be able to make dodge rolls and revive each other. The Enemy Commanders AI should have machine learning, to keep it up to speed with players evolving skills.Scout Parties Scouts Parties should consist of up 5 mounted elites. These mobs should try to avoid conflict at all cost. Their function should be to search for players and report back to the commanders. Once a player have been found that player should attract a squad of a size that have a fair chance of killing him, even if he is a player of substantial skill.Enemy Architects Enemy Architects should be able to construct towers, forts, walls, barracks, armory, stables and possibly other buildings, at locations designated to them by an Enemy Commander. These forts should be impregnable without wvw siege equipment. The buildings should serve different purposes: If the enemy squad have a barracks, the commander should be able spawn new recruits. If they have stables, mounts should be available to them, if they have an armory, their equipment should improve, and so on and so forth. Enemies should gather resources to construct these buildings over time or by killing players.No Way points In this game mode, all way points should be disabled. When a player revives, it should happen at one designated revival point on each map. These revival points should be safe from enemies.Gear Analysis When a players gear break in this game mode, the enemy who broke it, should gain a copy of the broken gear.

Story ModesEach Story mode should be available to the player, upon reaching a certain step in the story line.

Hero ModeThe world should look exactly like it did, before scarlet's war. All maps added during living world and expansions should be unavailable in this game mode.

The WarIn this game mode, season one of the story should be replaceable, as it was when season one was first released.

AwakeningIn this game mode, The world should change progressively, with the activation of story steps.

Modern DayThis game mode should have the world look exactly like it does today.

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I'm not sure about having the same maps "but more difficult" exsisting next to the current ones.

Not because I don't want harder content but because it will just not be open world anymore.

I do like the ideas with squads patrols and such, and even the current maps can be upgraded with that imo. That doesnt need a seperate mode I think.

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