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  1. The problem with stockpiling it too high, makes it "less fun". It makes it impossible to binge and binge and binge, then do a whole load of nothing to buy everything. It is basically forced pacing playing the game and feeling rewarded for doing so. Which is technically what the dailies are supposed to do. Ofcourse, the downside is that some people feel like they are feeling forced to get a reward, and /or might get burned out faster because they feel forced to play, otherwise they feel left out. Personally the new daily system lead me to playing the game more, but I do feel like I'm otherwise missing out. Even though right now there's not really that much in the vault anymore for me to buy.
  2. or better: fix it. xD It really should be an event chain, like the Djinn's vault.
  3. Because GW2 is more casual. Lots of people do play, just not for raids or WvW, which is honestly understandable. Why do you think Millions of people play Candy Crush, or Garden Scapes?
  4. Not to mention most of them still don't understand that the amount of DPS doesn't say as much as they think it does. I think it's hilarious people are trying to find out who was in the wrong and who was right and what you can't say or can say. At the end of the day they finished their encounters. I mean, I wouldn't have said anything after the encounters were finished, why bother talking to a commander who has a bone to pick with you?
  5. I suppose it might be worth logging in, but considering it's now a currency that you need to farm and before it was something more tangible like 1 mystic coin or whatever. That's a key difference to alot of people. I really don't think it matters if it's actually more with just the 5 currency. It will still feel less. Not that I think logging in because then you get rewarded is a good concept anyway. That's something for addicting mobile games, who have no actual content, if you ask me. Sure it works to keep players tethered, but is it really worth anything if they still don't play? I dunno, seems rather silly to me. In my opinions, you should come back because there's nice things to do, fun to have, not anything like "I want my 5 breadcrumbs to feel validated for the day".
  6. I feel like Gw2 forum posts are generally highly critical. If you go here you will always find opinions where people seem very negative about any change no matter how small. All the the while they probably continue playing, because they do actually like playing the game. (Or are just that invested in it.) I think most of the changes they made structurally are fairly okay. Some are a bit like, "I hope they expand(Relics) or revisit (daily options) this idea. But nothing that actually kills the game as such. At least for me. Shortly said: - I don't really play for specific Relics, and usually just adapt to what I can use. - As for dailies. I used to ignore them as they were just busywork, there was no reason to actually do them other than a few more gold (woo exciting?) and that for going out of my way in order to play somewhere where I don't actually want to play. This sadly hasn't changed, - I don't quite understand why they made PvE dailies so that you are encouraged to go out of your way (I have to harvest on the other side of the planet? but there's stuff right in front of me?) I preferred that I could pick and choose the dailies that I want to do. - The way you get rewards from dailies seems way superior though. There's lot's of things to choose from. (Not sure if it's more in total or more focussed on one material but I don't think I care) - I only played a bit of the first map, which seems like alot of fun. I like that the masteries are important to train in order to easier get through the map, a bit like HoT. - Possibly a bit too much focus on the skyscale. I don't enjoy being only on my skyscale because it gets put above the others. Using anything else seems entirely pointless now. I sometimes hop on my gryphon, and think: "Why the hell did I put so much effort in getting this thing, such a shame" Ofcourse, flying on the skyscale is also more fun, as long as you don't look back/down. - I dunno if this was already an older engine update, but that you have water on multiple elevations is much more obvious in the new map. it also made me aware that Skiffs are not very good for flying. It really depends what kind of player you are honestly. I definitely feel like playing GW2 hardcore nonstop is probably a bad idea. But it is still very entertaining for the little bits. If you're not afraid of a little struggle.
  7. I don't really understand why this specific companion effect is such a crutch for you that you can't play the game without it. But I do think that (part of the) the game is supposed to be fun, and fun temporary companions that people took along maybe even named for years and then took them away for whatever reason, that's kinda sucky honestly. (and sure there are some good reasons to do so which may or may not be perceived as such.) But hey, maybe they will bring back Pets to take along as or instead of relics. Ofcourse who knows how long you'd need to wait for that one.
  8. I dunno, I would (if I could) put my boat out just the same way I would put out any mount. And fishing too. I don't think I use those buttons down there at all, no matter how big they are. Ofcourse, you are kind of forced to use it for the boat. I don't think anyone cares about the "relative importance" of any feature in the game, let alone that most players will determine for themselves what they find important or not. This thread being key example of that.
  9. Honestly, not being able to keybind each mastery seperately like the mounts was annoying me more.
  10. To be honest, I'm wondering why you expect alpha level testing on a beta. At least, what you describe is done before most betas, at least to my expectations. You seem to know what its about, but I can't help but feel you didn't read the sign on the door you came in on.
  11. Im glad you're so sure. You just have to test it on a range of different PCs, with different drivers, with different connections and god whatever else. 😄
  12. Oh how GW2 has progressed from high standards to such low ones. xD I guess it was inevitable, in hindsight, but still. They started out with, "I don't want it to be boring and then same over and voer again" (paraphrased) to now us saying: "Oh well, it's just tutorial". I don't think the NPE was supposed to fix the Black Lion Key farming. I believe that was an entirely separate update. *checks wiki* Seems it was an entire year later before they limited that to weekly. NPE was September 2014, the BLK farming update in September 2015. But yeah, they should have picked something much more middle ground, where natural progression (ignoring level unlocks) would still be possible and other people could still use the extra directional tools. I think I only ever had the content guide on in the beginning for like 5 minutes, after which I demonstratively turned it off forever and never touched it again. Sadly, the level unlocks I couldn't ignore.
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