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Please Mechanist Ninn, We Can't Keep Doing This

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The first time I received the letter from Mechanist Ninn, informing me of the restoration of the Asura Gate in the Eye of the North, I was excited, and hurried to complete the new content. The second time I received the letter, I merely deleted it and moved on.I have now opened my 26th letter, and cannot help but wonder if it will ever end.I was never bothered by having so many characters, a fan of Fashion Wars, I was always happy to create more. However now, I am confronted with an inescapable fate, as every character that I have not played since the March 17th update is met with a little red "1" over their inbox.While I could simply run through all of the characters I have not yet been greeted by Mr. Ninn on, it feels just as tedious as coming across the letters by accident.Please Mechanist Ninn, I've visited the Eye of the North many times now, I've upgraded your Asura Gate to the maximum, I've upgraded the whole hall.I dream of a day where I may log onto a level 80 character, and not be greeted by "Restoring the Gate Grid at the Eye of the North."

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It's not that bad for me because I only have a few level 80 characters, but I really don't understand why every single one needs the same letter, especially when most of mine haven't gotten that far through the story yet and I assume the upgrades to the Eye are account wide.

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