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Just a Couple of Questions

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Will GW2 ever support other platforms?Will GW2 ever support a controller?Will Arenanet ever create any games, especially after their massive investments into games that seem to have been junked?Who is the current head of Arenanet? Do they have any plans?

As much as I love GW2 I hate investing time/life in a game if I think it will crash and burn. Currently, I am not sure of Arenanet's longevity....I see this game being sold to NCSoft......as in all of it....including creative direction. Arenanet does not seem to be expanding or going anywhere. It was abandoned by most notable people. While the people who left did not seem to guide the company in a good direction for growth, it still does not look well for the image of Arenanet. I am just here asking for someone who may be more informed than I to please clarify my questions and possibly add more info, if they know of any.

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ArenaNet has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of NCSoft since before Guild Wars (One) launched. Thus, this game can not be sold to NCSoft, as they already own it, as well as its predecessor.
There's another thread about controller-support with a Dev quote on this page.No idea about other platforms; it was said in the past the studio wasn't going that direction, but, you never know, things can change.

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