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Best ranged option?


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Probably Elementalist?

One of the highest parsing specs in PvE according to Snow Crows is Power Tempest using Scepter + Warhorn.For WvW, the Meta is Power Weaver with Staff or Healing Tempest with Staff.

It's only sPvP where their optimal builds start to get more melee with Dagger/Focus (That said, some of Ele's Dagger attacks have some range on them)

Necro also has some decent ranged with condition builds (Scourge in PvE and WvW and Core in sPvP) due to using Scepter/Warhorn + Staff or Scepter/Torch + Axe/Focus or Scepter/Torch + Scepter/Torch (For sPvP, WvW and PvE respectively though WvW can also utilize Staff instead of Axe/Focus)

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