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Blazing a Trail - Part of POF Storyline

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‘Blazing a Trail’ is part of my Path of Fire story. In the Basic Collection ‘Raise the Banners: Amnoon Arbitrator’ I have completed the first two parts (Banners of Dynastic Reckoning and Rising Banners of the Sunspear) and am now trying to start the third part (Dreaded Banners of King Palawa Joko I) without success. In short when I repeat ‘Blazing a Trail’ again I always finish up with the Sunspears option which I already have. Any ideas guys would be gratefully received as the whole thing is becoming an absolute pain and frequently being thrown out of the game (losing game client) isn’t helping. Cheers Rik

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@"Rik Stark.7289" said:Thanks for your comment Ayrilana. Do A-Net mention this somewhere? If yes I obviously missed it. Anyway, this being the case, I'll need to generate another two further characters since I've only got one at the present time.

Well there is the fact that the dialog says ... "Choice already made for this character." which implies it is unchangeable.ImgurGiven that the choice is unchangeable, that doesn't leave much alternatives besides "do it again on another character".

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