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Returning player here, please remove Stronghold from standard queue


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I dont know why but every second game I play I get Stronghold and I want to cry myself to bed. Conquest is fun and simple to understand... but then you get Stronghold and I dont even want to bother learning all the absurd mechanics and rules that I have to pay attention to.Please remove stronghold? Judging by how everyone in my team also moans when they get this map I can asume the vast majority would prefer if stronghold was its own separate queue.

Stronghold alone makes me not want to participate in spvp, this is harmful for the spvp community because this mode is scaring away potential players and that means less revenue.Even from a business standpoint, it makes sense to remove a map everyone hates.

If you like this map, dont take offense to this post, I am merely sugesting that stronghold should get its own separate queue.

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