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Bring back ol' skyhammer


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I also would like to see it back. Liked it back then with my core engineer - and the lots of CC he has. Nice to knock people down. This really was fun. I know people like to play "pure" PvP. (And some don't even want conquest and want only deathmatch because of it.) Old Skyhammer must not have been fun for them - when some lucky noob could get a lucky CC hit and kill you because of the map and falling down.

But for me ... that was just what I liked about the map. Needs unranked "special" queue. (Besides the normal unranked.) Where we could all the stuff not normally liked. Or maybe a "event". 2-3 weeks of "old skyhammer" with special queue and PvP rank and reward track gain bonus.

Nowadays you need to go try trolling duel fighters in the all for one arena in the mists. :D (Trying to knock someone out the arena is the only reason I go there - every now and then.) :D

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