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"Distract, Destroy, Distrust" and [spoilers]


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the "Supply Depot"It turns out it is some sort of research center, but what where they doing?And this was captured by the Dominion, so was this being done by the United Legions prior?

At a cursory glance, what didn't get destroyed by the bomb, some telescope type thing, some kind of incendiary device or oven?, some herbs, oh, and a whole bunch of Kralkatorrick (purple) style brand crystals.

So is this Legion or Dominion stuff? Smodur was being very vague about describing the base, and conveniently tries to incinerate it all. Was his intent more on destroying research? Although the story moments focused more on the casualties, could the charr be hiding something from the rest of the world?

The brand crystals wasn't simply window dressing or some leftover stuff from Kralkatorrik visiting the area ages ago? It never did go to Drizzlewood Coast did it? Also, some of the Crystals seems to have been strewn about from a barrel, or bucket, that fell over when the base blew up. So it was definitely a part of what they were researching.

Where they trying to build Dragonblood weapons and what for? I don't think there is enough info in game about what this could possibly be for. But I have a feeling it maybe be something relatively important that will come back. Any kind of dragon research, tends to be kinda important, and the presence of these crystals is actually quite abnormal from what we know.

Any other insight, or just speculation about this?

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@Hannelore.8153 said:I'll just point out that those aren't Brand crystals, they're Flame Legion Searing Crystals, and you can find huge meteorites of them all over Ascalon since it was once destroyed by them in the Searing. That's what a tiny fragment of a Searing Crystal does.

As for the rest, I don't know.

Ah thanks, I must have missed that. That makes much more sense.I guess there isn't really anything of interest left intact then.

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