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  1. Do you think that the Tyria continental map and Cantha map will be on the same world map? Besides that, I think there may need to be new travel mechanics to get to and move around Cantha. Sooo... The commander gets their own airship, which contains a large space that the commander can throw their trash, errr I mean furniture and decorations in. The airship can anchor at some waypoints in Tyria and at docking points in every Cantha location. Anchors can be used by players to query attached airships and enter any which allow public access. When on the airship, maps for multiple cont
  2. I use Primordu's other attack to get skritt hot. The one when Primordus smashes a boulder into the ground. It sends out fissures through the entire half of the battlefield, However the fissures themselves do no damage, they create delayed aoe circles that you have to dodge through when the circle fills in.
  3. Yes, the machine basically lays out a method of killing both dragons. Yes Aurene basically performs whatever that machine was doing. And that is one reason why a lot of people are annoyed. (Spoilers for LW3 and PoF) Because it gets setup that using that machine or it's actions would destroy the world. A large part of story was set up about not allowing such mechanisms to be used, and then, with no explanation, we go whelp, I guess it is O.K.?
  4. I don't think many charr joined the dominion because they cared about Bangar. There is even some narrative about charr that hate Bangar, but join the dominion in Drizzlewood. Some of the dominion are simply seeking power, others seem to be sick of the legions in general. The charr seeking power, will fall in line behind whoever can murder their way to the top, and those who are warry of the legions won't forget that Bangar has been imperator for much of their lifetime. Besides, if Bangar challenges Crecia for leadership, there is is few ways to resolve it besides f
  5. I'm inclined to believe that some half finished expansion like content got cut from living world and moved into EoD with that course change too.
  6. I hope they kept Bangar alive, so that Crecia can eventually do what Rytlock failed to do in the prologue. Crecia has to earn the title she carries, and this allows her to do it in the most appropriate way for a charr in a legion.
  7. Basically IBS was good until dragons got directly involved? You know there are some people speculating/hoping the deep sea dragon is already dead. And if not already dead, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea if the deep sea dragon is given the Vlast treatment in EoD. How would that narratively fit? Well I am not inclined to asked that question anymore anyways honestly. Open EoD with a lengthy cutscene of the Deep Sea Dragon getting shredded. And I will smile with relief that at least I know what the goals are with the expansion. I can be unburdened with the expectation that I have
  8. I hope there actually is an answer for that question, or Anet tries to answer it. But I guess it will have to wait.
  9. At least the Deep Sea Dragon (or wherever they just dumped Primordus/Jormag magic) could be used to hand wave Taimi's simulation. Make the Deep Sea's position in the world different enough from the elder dragons that upon encountering it, Taimi can say, the simulation was wrong, because so little is known about that dragon and the simulation assumed the dragon was not much more different than the others. But because this dragon has [plot device goes here], it is able to (for a sufficient amount of time) hold the balance from total collapse. At least until Aurene, and mortals can reach their po
  10. That first poll did have some colorful language to describe bad, although it wasn't any kind of swear word or anything. But I do remember seeing someone claim that the poll selections were edited at some point (changing the attitude of it after people voted for it), so maybe that shouldn't be allowed.. I feel like, however, instead of using some kind of thermonuclear plot device on them, Anet should have concocted some kind of epic bus for them to ship them off into dead plot land. They already teased then punted Primordus in season 3, and they did send the human gods on a road
  11. Bangar apparently reverted along with an associated tremendous amount of trauma too. So it seems like Jormag's magic got siphoned off from all over the world after Jormag blew up. There might be more to this reverse corruption than Anet is letting on, but well I think Anet is just being too secretive about the final dragon this close to the next expansion. Maybe the living world replay achievements will help filter out the noise and any red herrings about the dragons, and give us a clearer picture on information relevant to the deep sea dragon. This vague notion that something just
  12. Setting aside the "Dragonstorm" instance and Arena Net's way of disappointing everyone with what happened there. I wanted to express and maybe see some thoughts about the narrative (from the perspective as a consumer of said narrative) regarding the aftermath of it all. Specifically this instance presents two new facts that seem to be unexpected, based on my own experience with the content. A plot twist, or so I think. The issue I don't really get, is, are these supposed to be plot twists, and furthermore, are they interesting and meaningful. Execution wise, well, I think we all k
  13. And one can acknowledge that an observation, even if reliable, does not make a rule. The observed "truth" is not a law that shall not be challenged. Sure, conflicting events/observations means the rules aren't so clear cut and could be complicated. And it isn't always best to make things more complicated. But to say that dragon corruption may have degrees of control and isn't infallibly absolute doesn't make things that much more complicated (In fact in the real world hypothesis, or aspersions that deal with absolutes are some of the most complicated things to prove). And to assert that such a
  14. The achievement seems to be pretty reliably rewarded if you participate and complete either half of the meta. I think it makes sense if that is what they intended for the achievement, and it is very similar to how much time you would have to put into something like the dragonfall one we started with.
  15. Pretty sure the "animal" is Primordus. Jormag previously stated how they are in a prison because of Primordu's. Pretty much it seems like Jormag and Primordus represents different aspects of the mind. Jormag is analytical while Primordus is instinctual. By caaling Priomrdus an animal, they are saying Primordus is a creature that nearly completely operates on instinct. (Of course on earth, we are surprised how many animals actually do have reasoning skills beyond what our consensus has historically been). So the term animal is just used to describe something with "animal" level intelligence, Wh
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