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Elevation Difference makes enemy invincible

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This is an issue I noticed already all over the place, and I suspect it's a bit a design feature, but specially in the new map, it shows that it is actually a bug.

Any enemy that is not on the same level as you, cannot be killed.I was attacked from a rock by a sniper, shoot back and every damage I did, he immediatly returned to 100%Any damage done with siege to enemies on a wall also same effect.Balista attacks me, I return fire with Balista, yet enemy again returns to 100% immediatly.

Now, why is this an issue?How are we suppose to take down enemies that are killing us from on top of a wall?

This is not how warfare works, Plus the benefit is one-sided.

This is silly, this needs to be fixed.If they can Damage ME, then I should be able to damage THEM.

Plain and simple.Fix please.

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If I shoot an enemy on a wall of SMC or so, I do permanent damage unless they heal themselves.Never does it auto heal on every single shot.

I am not talking about healing, I am talking about the inability to do any damage.

This is how it goes:You shoot, health goes to say 90% and IMMEDIATLY back up to 100.Shot after shot after shot.

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GW2 has a mechanic to prevent players from abusing terrain in order to kill mobs without risk. The mechanic is basically: If there is no path the mob can walk to the player, then reset the mob, heal it to 100% and make it walk back to its original position. This mechanic worked reasonably well with the base game, however with the addition of more ranged mobs and especially with the addition of snipers since PoF, it is no longer up to date. I believe this needs a rework.

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Fully agree. It is not a desired behavior unless it goes both ways.

If I am not capable to hit that sniper because there's no direct path, the HE should NOT be capable to keep me IN COMBAT and therefor DENY me ANY form of counter.

As for the In Combat:"Simply stealth and get out of sight"

Yeah that comes to another bug that I keep reporting invain:The not being able to get out of combat issue.

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Still an issue.

I am tired of Drizzlewood Coast with the unbalanced rules.If I cannot damage a sniper, despite it being in range because there is no path. THEN WHY CAN THE SNIPER DAMAGE ME???Rules should ALWAYS be 2-way, regardless the sniper is an NPC.

Getting sick and tired of having to climb on a ledge to shoot a sniper POINT BLANK with a 1500 range rifle. That is just stupid.

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