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[PvP] Shout heal spellbreaker


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I took a long break from the game so unsure what was changed that made warrior supposedly useless, but shout heal spellbreaker feels very viable to me this season (3v3). I'm willing to concede that other classes can do its job better because I haven't kept up with balance/meta changes in the past year or so, but I still think this build offers quite a bit in close quarters, small skirmishes scenarios.

[&DQILKzM+PSamAHAAagCyAKgAqwAnFmoA7gCcAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=]Sword/Warhorn: Energy + CleansingHammer: Savagery + RevocationMender's Amulet + Soldier rune

How to play:-It's a support/utility build mainly, so don't go chasing people too far-Peel for your damage dealer, meaning whatever teammate the enemy is focusing you need to stay on top of and spam CC-Use warhorn skills on cooldown for your teammates most of the time, but use shouts selfishly most of the time-If you're not peeling for your teammates, you should be sticking to the targeted enemy and chain your hard and soft CC depending on the situation-You're pretty tanky but you'll still die if you try to tank everything, you have pretty good mobility so don't be afraid to reposition yourself to stay alive-Start the fight with Break Enchantments to nullify pregame boon stacking and fill up your bar-When possible, try to combo your burst skills together like Earthshaker > Full Counter > Earthshaker, or Flurry > Full Counter > Flurry is also very good at locking down a target-Have your CC ready for your teammate to do damage, not when no one else is around your target, don't just spam CC, play smart-Don't spam Break Enchantments on cooldown too much, bait the enemy's stability with 1 CC, then strip the stab and start your CC chain-Pay attention to your sigil of revocation to remove stability before using your CC-You only need 1 hit of Flurry to get the full immobilize so cancel the animation by moving after the first hit-Banner is just as good to rez an ally as it is to full down an enemy, use your banner for whichever happens first (bonus points if you get both a rez and a down at the same time)-The build has very little stability, so don't run into perma CC circles and try to be sneaky about your banner to not get interrupted-If you get focused, try to peel for yourself with Flurry (quick about face Flurry is good), CC, movement skills and use the terrain at your advantage

That's about it I think. So far I'm at almost a 20 win streak with it in solo queue and it's pretty fun and active. I haven't made it out of gold yet so I'd be curious to see how it would perform in plat/high plat. Someone at that rank feel free to chime in.

I'm starting to stream again so drop by if you want to see gameplay: https://www.twitch.tv/kaplOw

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