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  1. They should change it back to crit, not ferocity. It is better to have ARMS be a crit trait line since it scales better with the condi skills, and helps power builds get to crit cap faster Also, if not keeping the passive effect, then at least have the passive operating at 50%. either way, using signets needs to be less of a loss...
  2. I too have been playing OW STR/DEF/SB with hammer and mace/shield. It is not lacking in damage and really gives some good sustain, more than what you would think because you are literally interrupting and knocking enemies down and out of their damage so frequently. +1
  3. Arms Grandmaster: when you swap weapons, reset the CDs on all your finishers
  4. Shortbow, but with a crossbow style theme. Actually, I'd just prefer they introduce a crossbow as a new weapon type...
  5. My thought is: Make Longbow autos burn by default. Make Sword F1 not root you. These 2 things FIRST would open up a lot of gameplay to condi builds for arms. This should be done FIRST, and then other skills for sword MH and OH re-assessed before plunging into massive trait line reworks. The weapons that warrior has are very much holding back most of the traitlines more than anything else right now due to how outdated they are.
  6. I like this, and yes, a defensive F2 for core has been petitioned since the beginning of the game 10 years ago. I'm not sure what the answer is as far as the skill goes, but a defensive F2 makes a ton of sense so that warrior can be defensive or offensive at it's core and add some more variety than "more dps!".
  7. Or what about: "gain .25 sec of Full Counter for each boon removed, to a max of 2 seconds" Or: Use FC with a 1 sec CD for 4 seconds before resetting to the standard CD.
  8. What if they made it do additional healing per boon and condition removed? like 500 to 1000 healing each? Could become a full top off...
  9. Thanks! you may have just inspired me to craft cele armor :D
  10. I love the idea of a harder open world setting.
  11. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Talk:Summon_Sylvan_Hound Part of the issue is that they are immune to condis, so they stay up a lot longer than most. 5 seconds poison and bleeding per attack, so for full condi build with full condi duration, this is good with a 60 second uptime.
  12. Hey All- I have not done that much of scrapper, but I think that I want to give a tanky scrapper for open world pve a try. I am not concerned if it is condi or power. .. I dont know if condi scrapper is viable or if you loose too much barrier generation from that final minor trait. Not opposed to it being selfish, but being able to keep people alive in group fights/events could be nice. Would not mind seeing/hearing about gear and trait variations. Wondering about gear options... do I add healing power to make barrier more worth while for a build like this? Marshall's vs Carrion vs Trailblazers vs Mix of power/toughness gear? Flamethrower? Flame thrower better with Carrion condi, or is power ok too? Thanks for any insight, have not touched engi in a while...
  13. That is only single time selection, though.
  14. I think that maybe EXOTIC, ACCOUNT BOUND GEAR SET THAT CAN CHANGE STAT TYPES, but no Legendary level... that would be too much...
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