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adopt mounts pack.

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is there a way to turn off the mounts you dont have when you get the licence.. like i have gotten 3 adopts now. Iv gotten 2 skins for a griffen. and 1 for a raptor. a griffion ill never get.. and a few other mounts. that require massive skill are quests are whatever. I only have the first 4 mounts that are easy to get. anyways I wana get skins for them. but as far as i can tell i get the licence. then spin my odds on what i get.. 50/50 odds on weather i can use it are not.. is not fantastic. zzi am sorry for my explanation.. i hope you understand it..

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There is no way to narrow down the selection in the 400 gem random adoption licences, the only ones you can't get are skins you already have unlocked. If you want to choose a specific skin from those licences you need to buy the gold coloured 1,200 gem select licences. The options are exactly the same as the 400 gem version, but instead of giving you a random skin it lets you choose the one you want from the menu and you're absolutely guaranteed to get the one you choose.

Incidentally these go on sale periodically, usually for 720 gems. It can take a long time for a specific one to go on sale but if you're willing to wait it's a good way to choose specific skins without spending quite so much on them. If you only want a few from a set it's likely to be cheaper than buying random adoption licences.

There's also themed packs of skins for the original 5 mounts (raptor, springer, skimmer, jackal and griffon) where you're absolutely guaranteed to get only those 5 skins, but again you can't remove the ones for mounts you don't have, and there's some individual skins sold for 1,600 - 2,000 gems each. The skins sold in packs and individually are separate from the ones sold in adoption licences - if you want a skin from a licence you have to buy the licence and if you want one from a pack or an individual you have to buy it that way.

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